Christian Church Comedy/Drama Series About the Bible, Faith, and Gospel

The Adventures of Roman and Jorge is a Christian fictional television series about two friends, Roman and Jorge, who in their mid-thirties begin to get out and share their faith for the first time. Through the use of humor and Biblical principles, the series teaches and entertains Christians while stressing the importance of committing to the believers calling as evangelists.

The brain child of creators Greg Elsasser and Dru Morgan, The Adventures of Roman and Jorge came to fruition as they began sharing the Gospel with friends and strangers, all while noticing the many stories out there that were waiting to be told. Instead of creating another evangelism "how to" video, Greg and Dru thought it would be interesting to infuse the lessons learned on the streets-and through the studying of The School of Biblical Evangelism course book by Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, and Mark Spence-with dynamic, fictional characters. Their vision? That the audience would develop a passion for evangelism as they experience the "adventures" that Roman and Jorge go through in each episode.

The purpose vision of the series was three-fold:

To produce a "serio-comedic" series that the Lord could use to light a fire among the church body in order to help them gain a sense of urgency to share their faith with friends and family.

To encourage non-Christians to examine the truths of the gospel, so many will submit to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. To do this, we pray The Adventures of Roman and Jorge will get picked up by a credible Christian television network in order to reach the largest possible audience.

In addition to the gospel being front and center of the series, The Adventures of Roman and Jorge is a story of the long history and relationship of two friends, their families, and of the One who bonds them together. As their understanding of the Lord and the task of evangelism grows with time, so does the unique friendship of the two protagonists, Roman and Jorge.


“I love 'Roman & Jorge'! It is unique, humorous, insightful, encouraging, and most importantly -- it will thoroughly equip you to share the biblical gospel.”
Ray Comfort, Living Waters

“Today I had the privilege of watching the first episode of The Adventures of Roman and Jorge that is being produced by Last Words Radio. If I had to sum this up in one word, I'd have to say it was simply excellent.”
Bezeugen Ministries

“Roman and Jorge is just off the hook! I watched it with my two daughters (11 & 13) and they went crazy. My 13-year-old couldn't stop talking about it. She said things like: I love it; this is awesome; this is soooooo funny. I wish there were tons more episodes; I could watch this forever.”
Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, Living Waters

“Praise God! Chalk me up as a fan!”
Chris Staron, producer “Bringing Up Bobby”

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